Mobile broadband via USB Dongle on Android tablet?

    At all possible that an Android tab will recognise a USB Dongle to provide internet (as opposed to a Mifi).

    I ask because I haven't bought a tablet yet, but need an internet substitute for the next 10 days for a laptop - so a cheaper-than-Mifi USB Dongle would be perfect if I can use it when I do get a tablet. I would just buy the Mifi but I'm only 90% sure I'll get a tablet...would be a hell of a waste if I don't!


    I think it depends if the usb port is powered or not on the tablet.

    You could however buy a tablet already 3g enabled , thus elimenating the need for a separate sim'd dongle .My Commtiva has a giffgaff sim in , as it's a phone as well as a tablet .

    Some of the tablets list compatible dongles. The Ainol Novo 7 ELF, for example, supports
    Huawei EC122
    Huawei EC189
    Huawei EC167
    Huawei EC150
    Huawei EC156
    Huawei EC1261

    But It will be a very specific per tablet, rule to which ones are supported - If any!
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