Mobile Cinema 3D Glasses?

    Spotted these at DX. Anyone think they would be any good?
    Any rich folk fancy getting one and reviewing ?…713

    Works out at £173


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    Requires NVIDIA GPU for 3D

    - Model: PCM920
    - Light weight and portable size enables easy-carry
    - Digital 3D video glasses
    - 80" virtual screen (2M away) and high quality pictures display
    - Resolution: 920k, 1024*768/800*600/640*480
    - Viewing angle: diagonal 32 degree
    - Contrast: 64:1
    - Color depth: 24 bit
    - Power consumption: 1.1W
    - 3D left/right eye switch, brightness control
    - Video input: RGB Analog VGA Signal
    - With stereophonic sound effect earphone
    - Can be connected with PC/notebook, powered through USB port
    - Contains microphone
    - Interfaces: VGA+USB+2*3.5mm audio ports

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    Looks like it has a pair of Poundland headphones attached.

    You'd have to be mad to fork out that kind of money to DX.

    Don't believe the resolution!!!

    It'll look like a 19" screen from about half a metre. The 3d would be pretty bad even if it was compatible.


    All it is is two tiny low res screens and some shutter glasses.

    Not even shutter glasses, not needed if you have 2 seperate screens. The problem is that the screens won't line up very well as you're looking at 2 seperate screens. Your eyes won't want to look straight forward, they'll want to look at the same thing as you do with a tv or real life.
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