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Found 4th Oct 2017
so i know u have to give 30 days notice

which i did on the 11 month

and u request pac code and it turns off and cancel ya account when used

and then u get 30 days to use, but there recommend asap

. my question, if you say use it on. the 5 th day, would ya 25 last days of service just go. and u still have to pay for them.

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As soon as the pac code is used, the contract ends and you will be charged/refunded for remaining month s

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so if i am on month 11, and cancel on half way month 11,
on month 12, the official end date, i will be refunded unused days, as i thought being 12 months contract, there couldn't do that

You will be charged for the 30 days irrespective of when you used the PAC code

you will be charged up until the end of your contract

the only difference is that VAT is not payable on services not rendered, so you pay 20% less for the time between using your PAC code and the end of your contract

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ohh so i might get a few pounds back, only problem is the best time to change is when i need my phone the most, so i have to do it like ten days earlier

Have you asked your phone provider?
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