Found 27th Jan 2011
As there are folks on here who are more knowledgeable about mobiles than I am, I thought I would ask here.

Husband is with Virgin and his contract is up for renewal. This is what he's been offered :

HTC Wildfire - free
200 minutes
unlimited texts
500mb data
£13.43 p/month for 18 months

Is this a good deal? Does anyone know of any better deals?



Sounds ok , if you compare it to PAYG for £ 10 a month you get free 300 texts and your £10 credit for calls which will get u no where near 200 mins calltime on PAYG, so for an extra £3.43 a month you get more mins, unlimited texts, data and a new phone so not bad in my opinion.

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Think it might be only 500 txts. But I don't use that many anyway, so still good.

I think so but does he need a new phone? if not see if they will offer a better deal without the phone.

myself and the wife recently got the sim only deal from Tesco £10 a month, 1 month contract, 500mins, unlimited texts unlimited data (500mb), however I am led to believe that deal finished on sunday and that the price has now risen to £15 for the same deal which is still decent compared to alot of the other carriers.

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That sim only deal with Tesco was really good, scottydont. I also read about people ringing their providers for pac codes so they could switch to Tesco but being offered amazing retention deals exceeding Tesco's offer. the current offer from Tesco is 150mins, unlimited txts, 30 day conract - £7.50 p/mth.

Sim only deal offered to husband from Virgin is 500mins, unltd txts, 1GB internet, rolling contract for £10.21. That is a good deal I know, but he really doesn't use that many minutes or texts. Only time he goes over his normaly monthy payment is when he travels abroad with work (he gets that back in expenses). His current phone is the Samsung Tocco Lite, which is fine, but for an extra £3.22 p/month for 18 months he'd get the nice shiny new Wildfire.

Any other good deals out there?

Best I can work out is £20 more, for 4 extra months, and with double the calltime.

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Best I can work out is £20 more, for 4 extra months, and with double the … Best I can work out is £20 more, for 4 extra months, and with double the calltime.

Do you mean £20 over the whole contract (22 months)? Where did you see this? Thanks.
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