Mobile contract no credit check

    I've been wanting to switch to a phone contract from payg ever since I saw what amazing deals one can find online (hey, I want to get paid for a new phone and calltime!). I tried ordering from before. The problem is, I've only been living in the UK for a year and a half, and as such, my credit check won't clear.
    Now, I could go for an in-store offer but they are about ten times worse than the online ones, and being a poor student, who spends something like 4 months a year abroad, I really can't afford a full-priced contract.
    I need a basic deal (even 100 minutes qould be enough), with a workable handset (I don't care for bells and whistles, I want a fast GUI, solid build and good battery life). I really don't want to spend more than £10 a month, and even that's pushing it, when there are such good deals around.

    I hope I can find something, and thanks for your help!
    - Mike


    go for the o2 pay as you go tariff then £10 top-up etc etc

    have a look around

    if you cant pass for a contract due to credit checking i would be doubtful of you getting one at all!

    best of luck


    all contracts as far as i'm aware go thru credit checking

    i there. When I moved over here 1.5 yrs ago, I had no credit history in the UK but I didn't have a problem. Once I had a bank account and registered for a national insurance number, electoral roll, I got a vodafone contract within a few weeks and I simply ordered on-line, it was easy.

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