Mobile Contract or PAYG for a light user who must escape the clutches of rip-off Orange and E2Save

    Hi folks,

    I've been with E2Save for 18 months on an Orange contract that has shafted me good and proper with huge bills. Im looking to get value this time but need your help

    I dont make many calls (2 or three short (2minute) calls per day max) but I text a fair bit (10 at least per day) and I'm trying to weigh up whether to go for a new contract or PAYG.

    My prerequisites are:

    I want to keep the old number
    I need a new Sony Ericsson handset
    I need to spend less than £20 pcm
    I need a reliable network (Bristol area)

    Anyone who knows their mobile onions or has experienced anything other than 'rip-off' Orange - your advice would be well received. Would a Three contract fit the bill? Or perhaps T-Mobile?

    Muchos thankos

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    here is one on o2 (sim only tho) £15 per month so you could use the £5 savings to get a new phone

    200 mins + 400 texts

    Original Poster

    Thanks allstar. That looks like decent value. Does this mean I can retain my old number and carry on with my old handset regardless of the switch to O2?

    There's no contract either so you can cancel at any time (30 days notice).

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    There's no contract either so you can cancel at any time (30 days notice).

    Ah good beans thanks

    if your with virgin media for tv, phone or broadband like me, i got there sim only deal 300 mins 300 txts for tenna a month. im saving a fortune since i moved from orange:thumbsup:

    i think if you get a pac code you can transfer your number

    oh and if you want to cancel at any time just threaten to leave (by ringing) and they will offer to put you on payg and then if you want to get rid of the sim, thats how i got around the 30day written notifaction rule

    First of all it would probaly be best to phone up orange; ironically because you have been getting huge bills they will probaly give you a rather good deal!

    I frequently paid out bills way in excess of my Orange contract in year 1, phoned Orange at the end and got their Canary 30 plan for half price (£15 for unlimited txts and 200 mins) and a free K800i around 6th months ago. So its defiantly worth a call to see if their are any good retention deals!
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