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    Here's the quick story.

    My current contract with Orange expires in 10 days. I will keep my current phone (SE K750i), cause I like it very much.

    I want to get a new contract, that offers 200 or 250 cross-network minutes per months, probably with some cashback. Orange or o2 for operator. I want to buy it from, because I will get 20 or 30 pounds extra for being recommended. So the new phone will be put on Ebay for selling and I'm wondering what phone to get.

    Could be SE W810i with some good cashback, but its selling price is low.

    Or Nokia N80, with no cashback, cause its selling price is high.

    What will you suggest? All I need is 200/250 minutes per months (used with my old phone) and good profit.

    Thank you


    The Motorola L6 at The MobileShop

    The Motorola L6 is one of the thinnest handsets in the world, just 11mm thick!!

    The phone might not get as much as others on eBay (maybe about £40 or more?) but the whole contract works out as TOTALLY FREE after the cashback. That's the phone, contract, line rental, minutes... the lot!! The cashback is quite reliable too. Provided you claim on time, the cashback is paid straight into your account. After the 12 months free line rental are up, you can cancel.

    It's on the o2 tariff with 250 any time, any network mins per month and 100 texts per month. For the first three months you get double this amount.


    How: Follow the above link for details and to purchase. To refer yourself you will need to do it over the phone.

    Hope that helps!!

    Original Poster

    Wow, that's just the perfect deal and minutes.

    250 minutes for free for 12 months + 100 pounds profit (70 for the phone + 30 for recommending)

    I did some calculations on other offers but these 100 profit are just impossible (some were close though)

    Thanks duckmagicuk2
    Carma given
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