Mobile contract with ~500mins + 400text?

    Anyone found any bargain contracts that DON'T involve claiming for cashback?

    It's for my girlfriend, and historically she's not been very good at claiming cashback, so she'd rather a deal that doesn't involve sending off your bills. One of these new automatic cashback ones where you don't need to send anything off would be OK though.

    I know some networks actually give you the first X months half price and this comes off your bill, so that would be good too, or one where you get a free ps2/wii

    so far the best she's found is £30 a month with no discounts, I'm sure you guys can dig up something better!

    Any suggestions?


    three are good my mother in law has been with them 4 year and they are good.
    if you look on there web site…f=0
    mix and match you can pick if you text or talk they biggiset package is 1100 text or talk mins for £27.
    it say £25 cash back not sure how but if shes not bothered it dosen't matter
    if you use quidco you can get £80 cash back
    and from hot deals codes HS08110708 or HS08110726 try adding both
    and if you recommed a friend you both get £30 quid.(let me know i'll give you mother in laws number)

    i think its the best out there

    thank you


    I would suggest the simplicity package with O2 provided you dont need a phone. The contract is for 1 month only and the prices are alot less than a normal contract.…nly
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