Mobile Contracts (Where Do You Stand) Help!


    I took out a 18 month T-Mobile contract for my daughter 7 months ago and her phone
    (Nokia 5800) has started to fall apart and the reception has started to deteriorate. In doors or out doors.

    Where do we stand getting a replacement phone?



    7 months and your phone is falling apart? u been playing catch with it or something?

    I would have thought that general wear and tear or misuse isn't covered by anything, unless i misunderstood, you should look after the phone a bit more, it is your property and not on hire from the network.

    If the reception issue isn't a result of your neglect or anything, then you may have a case for a replacement through nokia.

    Do you have insurance or anything?

    There's a one year guarantee with the network and 2 years with Nokia.
    After 7 months you may get a repair or replacement but its down to the dealer, I'd think they'd offer to send off to Nokia. But it might be faster if you call Nokia and see what they'll do rather than waiting for the dealer to send it and then send back to you.

    Bear in mind, if it is misuse you've no claim on the network, dealer or Nokia.

    Here's the Nokia repair site with various bits of info that may assist you, by passingthe dealer can save you time as more often than not they send the phone to their distributor who in turn send it on to a repair centre. This can take several weeks but if you use the find a Nokia repair centre on the website you should be able to have it completed a lot quicker…air

    Original Poster

    Sorry for late reply.

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my post.

    i think it depends wether the phone is faulty or if the phone has just not been looked after.
    on my last 02 contract i had a faulty phone. it only got replaced after it was sent for repair twice. it should of been 3 times but it failed again literally as soon as i put my sim card in it when i was in the 02 shop picking it up so they said they'd replace it. i got a refurbed like new replacement.
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