Mobile Data Sim for Egypt

Posted 22nd Mar 2015
I'm planning on going to Egypt again. Last time we were there the wifi at the hotel was shockingly poor. I don't plan to use much as we're on holiday but at the same time it is useful to keep a check on things.

Is there any sim card I could buy that would give me data in Sharm? Or would I need to buy one out there?
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How about 3?
If you go into naama Bay there's plenty of places that sell Vodafone Sims. Cost me 100 EGP for 4GB of data and minutes and texts, well worth it
Or if you're close to a shopping precinct called IL Mercarto there's an official Vodafone shop there
If you are on Vodafone you can pay £5 a day and use your UK minutes texts and data in Egypt but you have tp opt in. Also adding to cnewlol's message a 1gig Vodafone data only sim is 45 Egyptian pounds from the official Vodafone store which is at Na'ama bay near the taxi stand
Great - thank you. It is near Naama Bay

I'll get a vodaphone one when I'm there then - was hoping to not go out of the resort though!
The 1GB for 45 LE should be plenty.

Thanks for all the replies.
Another option is to have a mifi device dropped off at the hotel for 1 week it's £20 including 12gb.…i4u

There's other that do this too if you have a Google.
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I bought Vodafone sim when I was in Egypt, worked great
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