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Looking for a some help also, regarding this?

Mate of mine has a oldish (4 years) Desktop but does not have a phone at home so no way of connecting to the world wide web. Cant get Virgin in his area as well

What does he need to be able to use the internet apart from a Dongle? Someeone else says he may need somesort of card or other?

Re: Dongles, whats the best deal for a low net user who will only be browsing and using online chat (msn), facebook etc?


three usually do the best internet dongle deals
7.50 for 1gb, 15 for 5gb, 20 for 15gb, i'd go for the 15/month one (or 20, unless he's not gonna use it)

aside from the dongle i know of no other way to connect to the internet? also remember to check reception in his area

The best is 3 dongle, which i have had for 1 year and going into my second year. £7.50 for 5gb....this is 50% off. just tell them you heard you can get 50% off and have it for 7.50 per month for the dongle.

I hardely use it but it does come handy, especially now that it is ten times faster than it used to be.

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so he pays 7.50per month, and what does that get him? its it gigabtyes based?

If he has a 3G phone he can tether his phone and use it as a dongle using the software that comes with the phone.

3 is the best PAYG deal for £10 although O2 does a web and text package which isn't too bad.

I had to use the above while I switched internet providors a few months ago. Basic web surfing uses about 1MB per 10 pages. I played online poker which speeds were OK and it only uses 1.5MB per hour. Stay away from any video websites like Youtube and you'll be OK.

oh also i forgot prepaid, someone's mentioned the three one above, also t-mobile offer 3gb month over 12 months

only seem to be available on ebay check item number: 170495637224 (works out at £7.50 a month, so still better off with the three contract perhaps)

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sorted, he's opted for the T Mobile £15per month unltd usage which will be ample for him

Cheers all, rep later


sorted, he's opted for the T Mobile £15per month unltd usage which will … sorted, he's opted for the T Mobile £15per month unltd usage which will be ample for him

From what you said he'd be using it for in the first post he hasn't made a good choice.:whistling:
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