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    i have just been texted by t mobile to say that they have ended my monthly talk plan - top up £15 in a month and get unlimited calls to t mobile customers the next month. they have even stopped doing mates rates. any one know where i can get a deal for cheap same network calls without doing direct debit.


    Try Tesco PAYG (they use O2 network) Top up £10 get £20 free 15/30 20/40 etc free alowance is used first and only lasts a month and is then taken off if you havent used it all. You get 5 favourite numbers which are half price calls and texts

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    thanks for you advice,i went for three network £10.00 top up lasts 90 days free unlimited three to three calls, unlimited cross network texts and free 150MB internet. also free skype tp skype calls even without top up. all allowances last even when credit gone. fones were only £19.99 each.
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