Mobile for my Daughter Help!!!


    I am looking for a mobile phone deal with some anytime minutes & texts for around about £10pm.Seen some on t-mobile the flext thing but dont like t-mobile that much.Can any one help & get my daughter off my phone lol.Typical 15 year old i'm afraid.


    o2 do a sim card for 100 any network miutes on Pay as you go as long as you top up £10 a month

    I'd assume you daughter, being 15, would require a tariff with a load of texts ?? I bet if you ask her, she uses more texts than mins ???

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    Yes m8 she does.I am looking for a deal were there are a few mins inc with texts so she can ring her friends now & then & not use my home phone as its gone up already since she turned 15 last month lol.

    the same sim card i mentioned above allows you the choice of 100 anytime minutes, OR 300 texts per month. PAYG is a lot easier to control than a contract at your daughters age

    Yea - £10 per month top up gives you both - but you will need to find a handset....... (Ebay !!)

    PM DuckMagic, she might know of a pay monthly tariff around that price !

    This phone should be very good for any texter It got full QWERTY keyboard!


    PM DuckMagic, she might know of a pay monthly tariff around that price !

    :shock: I'm a MAN!! :lol: :lol:

    You have 2 options:

    a) ask her what sort of phone she likes
    b) get the cheapest option.

    or does she already have a mobile?? If so will it accept an o2 SIM?

    I'm a MAN!!

    Shouldn't you be called drakemagicuk2 in this case? :P

    shh!! :P


    That got a good snort out of me!…=10

    Refurbished NEC 343i £34.99

    Just choose the tariff option (300 texts or 100 mins option)

    100 mins option consists of

    100 any UK network, anytime minutes / 100 text / 33 media messages

    The inclusive any UK network, anytime minutes, the text messages and media messages are part of the same allowance. 1 minute of call time is equivalent to 1 text message. 1 media message is equivalent to 3 text messages or 3 minutes of calls. Applies to use in the UK only.
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