Found 4th May
Hi All

Been looking for a new mobile for a while now.

Don't want to spend more than £150 and don't want to buy from China.

Other things I want is,

A screen of 5.2" or smaller


Any suggestions?

Like everything the Wileyfox swift plus has but put off by the screen.


Nextbit Robin from Amazon for £149.99?

Look at xiaomi 3s prime on eBay. They ship from UK (most of them). I've found that the Only problem with 3s prime is that like after 3 days of use it has 1 random reboot, but I think it's because of me not updating apps in Google play so I'm still testing.

Cubot Cheetah Appliances Direct. £129.97 but it is 5.5". I have had a Cubot for 3 years and no issues. Got it from China too.…G2g

the old Motorola g4 is a great phone and currently £139….ds
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