Mobile games for K810i

Where is the best place to get mobile phone games? got a K810i and need more games lol

Got about 4 virgin sims that have a fiver on them which could get me some cool things.:thumbsup:


Should take any Java game, doesn't have to be specific to that phone.


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Yeh Ducky thats where i get all my cool themes from, the games arent up to much tho

thanks for the reply tho !

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Ducky would the K800i games not been to small (in screen size) for the K810i?

my mobile isnt in the list, they have actually updated the games and they arent too bad

Hmm, I'm not sure. A lot of games adjust to your mobile screen, but some don't. It depends on how they're made.

here is a good site, dont know if they have any decent games but

I will see if i can get hold of any good games for ya ;-)

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cheers mate

any 240*320, 176*220 (and anything below should work) screen resolution games will work on the k810i
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