Mobile ins. replacement, which model?

Found 31st May
I've been offered the following, all 64gb 4gb ram models apparently as an insurance replacement, which one should I pick & why?

Nokia 7 plus
Honor 10

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. I have till Satu r day to choose.
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What phone did you have before
In value honor 10 is worth the most then Nokia 7, then G6. Maybe £350, £300 and £260.
Honor 10 easily. An off branch of Huawei. This company is taking the top 2 Samsung and Apple by its gonads
Definitely recommend the Honor, though not used the others. I have been using Honor for years now and won't change. Never had a problem with them. Build quality is fantastic. Huawei, the same company, ate the ones who make many of the dongles and mifi units, so the quality of the hardware is well established.
Huawei honor 10 would be the better option
Dannyrobbo7 h, 32 m ago

What phone did you have before

I had a Microsoft 950 xl. From when it first came out.
I would rule out the Nokia 7 Plus...not because it is a bad phone per se, just that compared to the other two options it is less of a premium phone.

In terms of processor power, RAM, Camera and how recent a release the Honor 10 is it most certainly is the best option out of the three phones unless IP67 waterproofing, and 2K display (useful for VR) is a need then go for the year old LG G6.

Whichever you decide upon, your options all have IPS LCD displays and you may miss the deep blacks and vibrance of the AMOLED display that your 950XL gave you....but there are pros and cons with either display type.
I'd vote for the Honor 10, but I'd still consider the 7 plus.
I'm very happy with LG G6
Superb camera, dust and waterproof and as mentioned - 2k display
Thank you all, have gone with the Honor 10.
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