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    Hey all,

    I am looking for the best current deal on getting mobile internet. I will only be using it for a max of 3 months, so a pay as you go would probabl;y be best.

    Any thoughts/ideas?


    5 Comments have mobile internet on payg, £39 for the modem &igb download time- then £15 for each gb after.

    oooh I'd be interested in this as well...


    oooh I'd be interested in this as well...

    Me too so hope people can find some good deals

    Thanks OP you saved me the trouble :thumbsup:

    This is something I'd be interested in as well, as I'm looking at moving out for a bit, so I need a short term contract to use the internet for a few months.

    I've seen some contracts for £10-£15 per month but they're normally 18-24 months contracts.
    I've also seen some offering free laptops but I've noticed they're charging a higher rate and want a 2 year commitment.

    Three have a prepay deal which gives you 3gb (valid for 3 months) preloaded for £49.99. When you've used that up (either in time or downloads) it just reverts to a normal payg dongle. You should be able to get £11 quidco for this too, so would be £39 with 3gb included.
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