Mobile internet providers?

    OK I have a spare BT phone line which is costing £12/month and atm is connected to an ISP for my spare DSL connect in case my main one goes down.
    So its costing me £27 each month total to just sit there waiting...

    I have several mobile phones inc a T-Mobile Pulse Android phone, none of which get used very much and all on payg cards.

    I am thinking that maybe the money I fed BT and my ISP each month can be better used by a sim that I can use for calls and txt with mobile broadband capabilities?
    I would want to be able to slot the sim into my enabled laptop on the odd occasion my main ISP at home goes belly up, or even use the Pulse on broadband if away from home and feel the need.
    I dont mind if its a contract though I would prefer a 30 day one

    What are my options?


    Vodafone offer 500mb internet a month with there 30day £20 sim only deal linky ]linky

    3 offer free mobile internet for 90 days everytime you top up, the sim is free to linky here

    Orange PAYG simonly dolphin plans offer free internet everytime you top up as well ]linky

    Another thing you could do is to get a cheap phone contract with a old/outdated phone that would give you the internet free and possibly a better amount of mins/texts.

    Finally most of the major providers do PAYG usb dongles as well.

    Original Poster

    :thumbsup: Thanks for those links I will take a looksee

    I work in a computer shop, we have lots of problems with 3. It is the cheapest but not always great signal!

    I have used vodafone in the past and it was brilliant, fast enough to stream football at weekends and i also used it to connect my ps3 online for gaming (cod4 at the time:))which also needs a good speed!

    So I would recommend Vodafone!:thumbsup:
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