Mobile internet - T-Mobile or 3 Network?

    Does anyone have experience of using the mobile internet service on both of these networks? I've been using T-Mobile's web'n'walk to access the internet on my internet tablet and just coming to the end of my contract and would like to increase my internet speed on the move.

    I don't have any 3 access problems where I live or work (had a contract with them until Oct) and it's great being able to use your inclusive minutes in countries with 3 networks.

    I'll need a new HSDPA enabled phone but was reading on a forum about the basic web'n'walk package not being HSDPA? Can anyone confirm this?

    I also have a Vodafone contract coming to an end in 2 months but am I right in thinking they don't have anything similar which is competitive?

    Thanks in advance for your advice. I'm planning to go to a T-Mobile store tomorrow and trying to arm myself with knowledge beforehand!


    Apparently anyone who signed up after september last year on web'n'walk didnt get hsdpa enabled. It was for the plus services and above, but a lot of people do get it still and its always worth a phonecall to customer services. Unless its a web only tarrif if you gonna use it in a tablet be careful because tethering as its only "allowed" on the plus and maxi option. You can get away with it for a while but if they notice depending on how much data your using they will let you know. 3 use T-mobiles internet service over here so your speed should be the same really.

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    Thanks for the very useful advice. I've been on web'n'walk since May 2007 so there's a question I'll need to ask. I've never had any problems using my w'n'w on my tablet (so far at least!) - it's connected all day picking up emails and I probably only browse the internet for a max of 10 minutes at lunch time on it.
    I hadn't realised that 3 use T-Mobile's internet service.
    Thanks again.

    Have you got an online account with t-mobile? you can check there in your account details if you have the hsdpa uplink. You should have no problems using your tablet like that, i had a modem for my laptop and i changed to the plus service so they didnt complain about me using the sim card in it. 3 might not use it everywhere but i know they share masts with t-mobile in certain area's.

    Vodafone is the fastest having tried the three version

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    Hmmmm, I can't see anything about hdspa on my online service. I'd better give them a call...

    In mine its under.....My price plan>Review plan and services>HSDPA 384k uplink


    I use my WnW T-Moblie phone on my laptop and its definately HSDPA enabled. The phone even shows when its accessing H or 3G.

    My contract is up in 6 weeks time - and want to just get a dongle for the laptop instead of using the phone. I'm happy enough with T-Mobile for Internet - but I aint gonna be using them for my phone access. Would prefer to use O2 - but their internet pricing is pants.

    I bought a 3 payg mobile broadband dongle last month. I have had no problems with it and signal strength majority of time is hsdpa even on motorway though there are times when not - i travel by coach so am not driving and surfing!
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