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Found 10th Sep 2008
evening chaps, im after a mobile internet contract!

ive got broadband installed, with a router etc, but im after a laptop with something like the 3 USB dongle so i can use it anywhere i fancy.

the main thing that appeals to me is only having to pay abit per month without having to fork out for a new laptop in one go! currently saving up for another car so would be better for me.

dont REALLY want to pay more then £30/35 a month but i want a fairly good laptop.

any ideas/suggestion would be much apprecieated,

cheer folks
- dave
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PC world have a few deals, but i dont know if there is better out there!?
Just a word of warning. I have a vodafone USB dongle for mobile internet but a lot of places (including home) I only get dial up speeds. It depends on your reception as it can also be broadband speed but check out where you want to use it before you take the plunge as mine is a huge disappointment.
If it's defo what you want, you don't just have to limit yourself to 3, vodafone's usb dongle mobile contract works with 3g too (if you have reception) so might be worth checking that out.
The cheapest deal I can see at the moment is at PC world. You get an Advent 4211 (MSI Wind) with 120GB HDD & Windows XP, Vodafone dongle (I think) with 1GB usage per month over two years for £20 per month.

All in all, it's pretty good, but remember what hdixon85 said about the reception. Where you are can make a big difference. Check on the Vodafone website for their coverage. Most big cities are good for reception, giving you upwards of 200Kbps. I get consistently 600 in Dundee, and often 1000-1600, depending on the time of day. I'm very happy with mine.

Given that Vodafone charge £15 / month for 1GB usage anyways, the £20/month deal is quite attractive.
ah right, thanks for the reply folks, ill look into it and update how i get on!
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