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Guys & Gals - this isn't strictly a deal request but as I know there are a lot of mobile phone buffs here I'm asking for help.

I have had a lot of colleagues turn to me asking how to upload java games they've got of the internet onto their phone. Apparently many handset manufacturers have 'blocked' this facility via a normal bluetooth or cable transfer.

Examples like Samsung D500/600 and sagem phones.

Does anyone have any ideas how to circumvent these inbuilt safeguards by the manufacturers?




Samsungs have made this very difficult to do !! There is a patch available from your service provider to combat this error - but here is a workaround.

Try this.............

1) Open “My Network Places”

2) Click “View Network Connections”

3) Click “Create a new connection”

4) “Welcome to the new connection wizard” click next.

5) Click “set up an advanced connection” and next

6) Click “connect directly to another computer” and next

7) Click “Host” and next

Select the “Communication Port” that your Bluetooth is connected to and click next. You might have to play around with
this later to make sure you selected the right com port.

9) Select the users who are allowed to connect. (ie Administrator, and or the name you are logged in with)

10) Click Finish.

11) Now when viewing network connections, under “Incoming”, right click the new connection you just created and select

12) Under the general tab, make sure the following 2 check boxes are checked:

a ) “Allow others to make private connections to my computer by tunneling through the internet or other network”.

B ) “Show icon in notification area when connected”.

13) Also under the general tab, click properties and make sure port speed is set to 115200.

14) Under the Users tab, make sure that the “always allow connected devices such as palmtop computers to connect without
providing a password.” box is checked.

15) Turn off all firewall programs. If using XP Service pack to firewall, go to control panel and turn off.

16) Go to your Bluetooth taskbar icon that should already be set up on your computer and select quick connect, Bluetooth
serial port, and select your device. Obviously your phone’s Bluetooth should be turned on at this point. Your phone should
ask you if you want to connect, select yes.

17) From the main screen of your phone, enter #*536963# and you should see on your screen “Serial JAVA others disable”

1 Press the “C” button on your phone to take you back to the main menu, then enter #*5737425#. Then select “PPP UP”,
then select “Bluetooth. Now leave your phone in the current menu it is in for now.

19) You should then see a connection box appear in your taskbar that will say “Unauthenticated User” when you put your
mouse over it. If it does not appear, then something is wrong and do not bother continuing with the following instructions.

20) Next on your computer, open the Java Uploader program which you should download from
uploader (…isc ) and add the java game you want to send to your phone to the program.
Note, you should have the .jad and .jar files for the game in the same directory before you add it.

21) Once the java game is waiting in the Java Uploader program, go back to your phone and select “Serial Download”.
You should see the clown in the box and the game being uploaded to your phone.

22) That’s all! You should have a new game on your phone. To upload more games, disconnect the “Unauthenticated User”
display on your taskbar, turn your phone off and on and start all over again from steps 16 to 21

What about Motorolas, in particular the V525
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