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Posted 19th Dec 2022
Help please

I am looking to get a Mobile landline numbers so that when someone ring the landline, it can ring on my mobile. This is for business purpose so it look official rather than just a mobile number on google search. Thanks
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    Could try a UK voip number, localphone.com/inc…dom, using play.google.com/sto…=US on your phone. I have a raspi incredible pbx at home with Aus, UK and US numbers. My phone at home is an extension using GSWave. When I'm and out and about calls to my home are auto forwarded to GSWave. The really good thing about voip is unanswered calls go to voicemail which is emailed to you.
    Thanks, The problem with gswave is that it doesn't ring outside if you are not in the app. You Will Also see the notification if not in the app but can not pick up the call. I have got gswave and just annoying
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    Thank you all. I really appreciate you guys as usual. I have finally settled for the gswave. I allowed all the notification in the setting to ring out. Thank you once again
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    i've used circleloop for the past few years and it's been excellent
    Thank you
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    Call forwarding.
    Or you can buy a box with a sim card in it that sits between the wall and phone, and sends the call straight to your intended number which, with todays sim prices is almost free.
    I still have my box from 12 years ago when I was in a similar situation
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