mobile movement monitor for baby- cheapest deal and any expereinces of them

    hi i am due my second child in 10 weeks- baby one use ot stop breathing and i had an under mattress sensor pad however i was always so worried when out and about and got post natal depression i think due to this problem. i have read about snuza monitors but they are about 80 pounds- they attach to the babies' nappy-no wires or radio signals which seems good ???i dont even know if they are any good? anyone have any expereince of these?


    I've had 2 children and am surrounded by lots of children through family and friends and none of us have ever bothered with a sensor pad/monitor. I think you'll find that most babies stop breathing at certain times, obviously not for very long but long enough to set off this kind of monitor. I can therefore see how having one stresses you out when you haven't got one on as you'll come to depend on it. I'm not sure how it would work for you but I really wouldn't bother with one, just follow the guidelines for putting your baby to bed, ie feet to the bottom of the cot, on their back, tightly wrapped up but not too hot, sleep in your room until around 6 months old and never smoke around them. Follow these and you should be fine without any kind of monitor, just use the usual sound ones that most people have and you won't get as paranoid, and then hopefully not depressed.

    As above, I was worried about this but was reassured by HV that unless there is a medical reason you should follow the safe sleep guidelines and try not to be paranoid because you will cause yourself a lot of stress. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and your little bundle when he/ she arrives!

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    these are lovely replies- thank you.
    i know you are right-i just have to get it out of my head!
    thank you

    I got the AngelCare movement monitor. Occasionally especially as LO got older we had few false alarms when hes curled up in corner of cot so moved off the sensor are. BUt id rather these than nothing. It also a fab night light and has a parents monitor so you can hear baby too if you wnat.

    I love it and wouldnt of been w/o it

    i agree with the first two replies-i had the tommee tippee lights and sounds monitor/sensor pad for my first baby and it used tro go off occasionally and really stress me out. when he went into a bed i just got a simple fisher price basic monitor and since having my second son six months ago have just stuck to using this and following the guidelines for safe sleeping.To be honest i now wouldnt bother with a sensor pad again as you cant use them in a moses basket and they are subject to false alarms(and loads of streess).Again good luck with the baby and just try not to worry.
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