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Posted 24th Oct
I've been with 3 for a long time. But I moved home this year and new home has very poor signal, both data and voice.

I've looked my postcode on OfComs signal checker. They say O2 and Vodafone will give the best signal in my area.

I've called 3 and the CS guy said that they're moving over to 5g and that signal will be improved as there will be less traffic on 4g etc. So my signal will improve even though I'm not on 5g.

Is there any truth in what he said?

I personally want to call it BS. Because I think it's hasn't got anything to do with bandwidth and more that I'm in a signal blackspot.
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If it's Three CS it's BS!

They don't have a clue when they rolling 5G out in their key areas never mind nationally.

If your in a blackspot then there's little will change that, there may be a small improvement with the 4G harvesting 3G wavelength but unlikely to increase signal.

Theyre unlikely to switch on close to full 5G for another 2 years based on various reports.
It's not impossible they might improve with 5G - some of the implementations are enhancing 4G (3 show up as 4G+ in some areas now), and they also have different frequencies coming in as part of that work.

Having said that, I've just had a week in Orkney, and had the worst signal with 3 in the last 8 or 9 years up there, so I'm looking to leave soon too. Typically, the deal my wife got with Sky has disappeared when I went to order a sim...
Change network based on what signal you get at home or work..
I have the same problem with EE. They advised me to turn on “ Wi-fi calling “ so once you connected to your Wi-fi your phone works no probs, voice & data( on Wi-fi anyway)
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3 terrible coverage in general. Vodafone for me a million times better.
Ask them for a home signal booster that connects to your WiFi. They offered one to me for free without asking when I moaned there's no WiFi calling on my phone. I bought the phone standalone, and only pay £10/month sim only.
Pick up a Vodafone payg sim and try it for a week, see if it's better.
.MUFC.24/10/2019 17:09

3 terrible coverage in general. Vodafone for me a million times better.

Maybe for you, as you say. 3 has always been good for me (except as I mentioned above)
Don’t believe in those site checker, they are not accurate, your best bet is to either borrow a SIM card or get a free sim somehow and check the signal that way.

Regarding them rolling out 5G it’s got nothing to do with the fact that their current signal is an issue then what makes you think that they will invest into improving the ‘old technology’ that is 3/4G.

The booster are good as your internet and if you have low/crap internet speed then don’t bother with boosters neither.

Hope this helps.
I know a guy that knows 3 very well .
The company h/o is based in Maidenhead and its rich parent is Hutchinson Whampoa gives them tons of money to invest it well every year...while 3 make loses for group because all the staff are overpaid and the investment is hardly made!

Anyway...apart from the failing MBNL deal that 3 did EE to give their customers more 3G coverage in 2008 onwards since then 3 has not improved at all that’s cause EE were smart enough to rip them off in the JV.

The 3 and O2 5G London JV (joint venture) failed and now they are struggling to update each of their key cell sites across the U.K.

Only poor customers use 3. They have approx 2 to possibly 3 million customers (give or take a few 10 thousand due to their churn each month).
Download the app called Open signal from the playstore / itunes…_GB…030

click on the location icon in the app, then click on view network stats, this should give you a list of what the best speeds users are getting on all the networks in your area.
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