Mobile operators to charge for recieving calls!


    greedy beggers already make more than enough

    OFCOM have made a comment about this.

    OFCOM Blog

    Some of the media coverage (and some comments on the blog and summary) … Some of the media coverage (and some comments on the blog and summary) raise the issue of whether there is a prospect of UK consumers being forced to pay to receive calls (or texts). Personally, I think that's unlikely - and here's why.There are two different sorts of charges to keep in mind: * Termination charges - that is, the money paid between phone companies to complete calls. * Retail charges - that is, any amount paid via the phone bill (or that uses up pay-as-you-go credit).In our consultation, we aim to start a debate about the future of mobile termination charges - that is, how phone companies pay each other for calls between different networks. Those charges are not paid directly by consumers (although the cost is ultimately recovered from consumers). In the past, most of the time, these charges have been capped by a regulator, partly because they are mostly invisible to consumers. In our consultation, we ask whether there is a better way to deal with this issue. (We're not the only ones looking at these issues).Retail charges - that is, how much consumers pay - are set more simply. Suppliers choose what price plans to offer; customers choose a supplier. We don't tell suppliers how much to charge (since competition limits prices anyway) and nor do we tell the suppliers how to charge (for exampe, whether to charge for outgoing calls, incoming calls, lump it all in with a monthly charge, or some combination).We get it that a lot of people don't like the idea of paying to receive calls (to put it mildly). That's one reason why I think it's unlikely that UK suppliers would choose to charge for incoming calls. (That said, provided competition is working, I don't see a case for prohibiting it, if the supplier and their customer both agree that's what they want to do).When we think about the future of mobile termination charges, we want to think widely about the options. One thing we'll be looking to understand is the effect that any changes might have on retail prices. And given our duties, we won't make any detailed proposals (let alone changes to the rules) without carefully considering the effect on consumers - despite what you might read in the press.But thank you to all of those who made comments - keep 'em coming.

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