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    Has anyone had any problems out there. I'm struggling at the moment to get through to Mobile Outlet. My first cashback claim (sep 2007) was accepted- they let me know via email but i have not received payment. I have emailed and received automatic response saying they wold respond in 72 hours but have received no response (have done this three times. Have triad calling and cannot get through.

    It is now time for my second cashback claim. I have typed a letter asking for the first cashback as well as claiming for the second.

    If they do not get back does anyone have any idea of how i can get my money??


    A lot of these companies go into liquidation... In which case the customers doesn't get a penny. HAve a look at the companies house website to find out wether they have gone into liquidation.

    we are having a similiar priblem. i think this post is grow and grow.

    our first cashback claim has been accepted, but no money yet.

    have you seen this website???…e=1

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    mmm doesn't sound good. this is my second cashback claim with them. The first time i had no problems at all, which is why i decided to use them again
    I've also come across posts where people are doing everything correctly but Mobile Outlet are saying that they did not receive bill 7 from the second part of the cashback claim (even though it was sent in the same envelope)
    Anyway, i have put together my second part of the cashback claim indicating the number of pages of bills enclosed and explained the reason why.
    I have also referred to the non payment of the first cashback claim. They are in breach of contract as emails sent have not been responded to as well as payment not recieved.
    I have threatened legal action if there is not a resonse to the letter within 14 days.
    I work for a firm of solicitors so this will come in handy. I shall let you know how it goes.
    Has anyone managed to get though to them via the phone yet?


    I havent recieved anything from them for 2 of the contracts i have had with them always get the emails but never the money and when i ask why they come up with some excuse changes from time to time, really getting on my nerves as i have done everything they have told me to do withint the periods and kept the sign for slips as well to prove this but still not positive response from them so i dont know what i can do.

    I've used them before and it was ok, but have a new contract and although haven't put in for my first cashback, I noticed the new phone number quoted doesn't ring. Seems a little concerning...

    Dear all,

    The web is full of horror stories about these charlatans, and some recent theories that they will soon go bust. In the meantime, there are lots of lovely websites telling the unsuspecting what a wonderful deal they can get from TMO, so people are still going to get ripped-off.

    Instead of complaining on forums, just write-off your long overdue cashback to experience, and get in touch with the chief execs of O2, T-Mobile, Orange, etc, and tell them how good their companies look by doing business with TMO. If they pulled the plug on TMO tomorrow, problem solved.

    Got my first part of my claim after an e-mail having to be sent back in Sept, but since then nothing although I had a e-mail or text saying they had received my second claim in December although I sent it end of October.

    Trying to get through on the phones but no joy, e-mails are not getting responded to at all!! :x

    Call just cut off, scamming ******s!! :x

    I had 2 phones off these people and have just sent in my final bill. They payed the 1st cashback but still owe me for the other 4 - that's £672. Yes that 's right £672 for 4 claims.
    Everytime I call their query line the Indian on the other end tell me that the issue will be dealt with urgently, but I haven't heard anything for months.
    Tonight I fired off 150 emails to them, asking them if they could be so kind as to luck into my issue. I then deleted all those emails and re-sent all of them at once (3Mbits). I did this another 3 times so sending off 12 Mbits worth of emails. I think if we all did this, at an arranged time, we could lock up their email server. After that we could do it to their sales email address and stop them selling this rubbish. We could keep on doing this on a nightly basis, for weeks at a time, by saving the emails and resending them.

    Is anyone up for this - I am completely at my wits end dealing with these people.

    Go to and look up mobile outlet on there, they tell you how/ what to do to "try" and get your money out of TMO, including taking them to court online (costs about £30).
    I did a lot of research on this company when I took out a contract with them, after I had agreed to it (Doh!) in the time it took for them to send the phone I decided against it and refused to sign for it at the door, even then T-Mobile wanted to charge me for the contract, it took a lot of wrangling to get out of it, thats for sure!
    Avoid TMO like the plague, infact I would say the plague is more inviting, at least you know when your contract is up :P



    Mobile Outlet Have Finally Have Done A Runna!

    All Their Phones Are Now Dead


    Mobile Outlet Have Finally Have Done A Runna!All Their Phones Are Now Dead

    have you checked they are still in business with Comapnies House? they are registered as Mobile matters (UK) limited
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