Mobile Outlet Question RE: T&Cs

    Hi everyone,

    My head is about to explode!

    I took out a contract with The Mobile Outlet in Feb of this year, a 12 month free deal and from what I believe, from when I took out the deal, I am due to claim in a week or two.

    I have now dug out everything I need to use to claim. The vouchers say "you should refer to the T&Cs provided to clarify how to claim". I have found the T&Cs I believe that came with it, and it doesn't mention anything about cashback on it!!!

    I know I have printed out T&Cs from their website on the 19th of June and it says to do it at 2 stages, well, 3, but they have cleverly hidden that fact, but never mind for now.

    And when I look at the website now, it isn't clear as they now have a cashback banding if it is more than £200 (doesn't say if it is for the whole cashback deal or for the stage(s)) do x or if less than £200 do y.

    I am confused SO much it almost seems less hassle not to bother. But I want my money back!!!

    Has anyone bought a mobile form The Mobile Outlet at all? Ideally around Feb this year and if so, what do their T&C's look like/do they mention cashback at all?

    Many many thanks in advance!



    Try ringing them up!

    My terms and conditions came on the back of the dispatch notice. Be aware that this company and Cool New Mobile seem to change their terms and conditions a lot (or at least have since I bought mine 9 months ago). I followed my terms and conditions and sent bills 1 to 9 but they replied to my first cash back claim which said I should have sent in bills 1 to 6. Once I called them up they said that the deal I signed up to was actually mistake but if I sent a copy of my terms and conditions they would honor it. I don't think they have a very organised department for processing the cash back claims. Compared to Mobile Outlet they're not nearly as slick and professional but they are a small company and do better deals. I'm due to do another deal shortly and they're deal on the PEBL is hard to beat!
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