Mobile packages with inclusive texts from UK to USA (etc.)?

Found 29th Sep 2009
I have been looking for a package that has inclusive / discounted texts from UK to USA (and . or Australia) and maybe calls to, tho less important.

All the O2 packages seem to only cover Europe, anywhere else is chargeable.

Any ideas? Is this just the norm?

thanks in advance

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Have you been chatting to laydeeees on t'internet :whistling:
Just go for the best contract that suits you and go for this to run along side it ]http//ww…om/
I have used it for a long time now and it's very cheap to send a text abroad and cost hardly anything to send the text as well.
£0.013 the cost to send to the USA just checked web site and probably 2p for data charges
Thanks all (sorry for the delay in response)

It is annoying that, no matter how good a contract you have, and no matter how many inclusive minutes, you still have to pay full whack for an international text on top of your tariff. There is the O2 Discount Country which is £3 a month and brings a USA text down to 11.7p, and USA calls to 8p, but you can't have the bolt on for more than one country at once! rubbish.
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