Mobile PAYG / Contract Help?

    I can't get an straight answer from the guy in the Carphone Warehouse, so can anyone help me with the below?

    'If I buy a PAYG Phone & Sim, can I Port / Transfer this number to a new Mobile Contract in a month or so time? If so would it have to be same network?

    Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance....


    yes, it can be to any network.

    Yep, you can usually transfer any number to a new company... not sure how quick it is though.

    They have to provide you a pac code, but the new company doesn't have to accept it, although they most likely will!! Not always easy to move a number to the same company again, can be done by porting elsewhere in the meantime.

    Some companies want pac code when you sign up, others want it after you've joined, best to check first.

    Only Voda need to pac at the point you sign up, they won't transfer the number after that. The other networks will allow you to port in any time.

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    Thanks for your help, with give it a go. Rep on its way to all of you!

    closed @ ops request. Thank you

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