Mobile phone 5” screen

Posted 31st Dec 2019
Hi looking for recommendations for a new smartphone love the redmi note 8 but think a bit to big ideally 5”screen please thanks
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5" Screen, you'll struggle to get a new recently released phone with a 5" screen. Try the xz1 compact or the iPhone SE.
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What @MrSwitch has said, plus remember that bezels on phones have become smaller and smaller. So if the screen fills most of the phone you can potentially look for one with a bit larger screen without compromising too much on the phone size. For example, my S10e has 5.8" screen but the phone itself is noticeably smaller than a 5.5" handset I had before it and feels pretty compact both in the hand and pocket.
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Thanks for your advice guys, think I’ll just give the redmi note 8 a try just never had a large phone before.
Samsung A40 is at smaller size.
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