mobile phone

my father's looking for a new mobile,

he's looking to pay no more than £10 a month contract

ideally would like one with gps, internet included, either touchscreen or qwerty keypad

he doesn't text or talk alot

pay as you go also fine as long as it has the same features above and not too expensive

any suggestions?



i think you're probably asking for too much

Know anyone on 3? had a call today offering £10 amonth contract with phone,it,s not advertised anywhere but it is there for existing customers.Not sure of phone offered and i dont expect its the n96:-D
Hope it helps

Original Poster

yeah i know its a bit of a push for £10pm, actually he's willing to go up to £15 if its a good deal.
Thanks for the 3 suggestion, they seem to have pretty much what he's looking for at £15pm ( threestore.three.co.uk/pri…3DS ), but he's worried about the coverage in our area with 3 (he used them some years back).

some of the payg deals nowadays offer unlimited texts and web if you top up a tenner a month

you still have to get a phone though

i have an htc touch diamond and it's spot on - think they go for around a ton nowadays

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]check on 3's website for coverage there is an honest tool there, i looked mine up (i get no coverage inside my house) and the map said exactly that!!!.... wish i'd known b4 i moved:thumbsup:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

3 gets it in the neck quite a bit but i can honestly say i have had no trouble at all with coverage or web browsing on a nokia e71.
I renewed my contract recently because the deal was cheap and had all i wanted.
I'm in suffolk.
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