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    After a new mobile. Got a HTC Desire phone tho battery not lasting long enough. I went to a night match and set off at 3 with my phone fully charged i went on net no more than 4 times and on way back it didn't last til i got home.

    Not sure what like for other people who have the Desire i have reduced the brightness and only sync when i want too.

    Don't know if people charge up in car to last all day as well.

    I dont have that option maybe good to keep as sat nav in future.

    Any recommendations i just want a good battery phone that can upload photos to twitter and facebook. Any feedback appreciated.


    why not just buy a couple of spare batteries for about £2 each?

    it's not like an iphone where that ain't an option.

    i did that with my hd2 - have a few spare batteries which, when charged, keep their charge pretty well.

    stick one in my pocket for work and forget about it till needed

    another in the car - sorted

    they were £2 each

    battery change and reboot takes 30 seconds.

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    were from?


    want me to fit it for you too?

    just joking............a bit..............

    checked ebay and they are about £3 from the UK, bit cheaper if you order them from china but obviously take a while to arrive

    Beware with some of the chinese batteries there not the most reliable to say the least, usually they are fine though.

    Maybe you have your wifi and bluetooth and things on all the time
    and your screen brightness
    how many things you are running at the same time all have an effect

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    I turn the mobile network off and wifi. Have brightness really low. Just doesn't last long when post on facebook and twitter once using day. not good enough. Thanks i have look for spare battery and maybe another phone. I just want one to be able to post photos on to twitter/facebook when im out just certain events.

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    lost all my txts today just dissapeared not happy!

    Would you be interested in buying an unlocked good condition, white ltd edition Lg GT540 android mobile for £99 inc?
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