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    Hey guys and girls!

    Vodafone have kindly offered me £340 to spend on a phone after i got wound up with an N97 mini that was a pain....

    They said i can spend the vaule of the N97 Mini on a new phone from them but i am unsure of what to get!

    They have said that i can have any phone bar upto the £340 value so some idea's, past experiences could be good!

    Some of the phones available are

    HTC Legend
    HTC HD Mini
    Samsung Wave
    Blackberry 9000
    Nokia E72
    Sony Vivaz

    None of those really have taken my fancy although the Samsung New Wave S 2 is catching my eye.....

    Any advice on practicallity on any of the above or another idea of a good one will be greatful but it has to be on Vodafone....


    HTC Legend is one of the best phones out at the moment bar the desire which they havent offered you, maybe try and push for one

    i know that the nokia e72 is a good phone (friend has it)

    but i would ask for a full list of phones available.....

    but the htc legend is an amazing phone! as above see if you can push for the desire.....

    Original Poster

    How robust are the HTC Legends? Whats the battery life like?

    decent get a few days from my hero full usage and the legend is better
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