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    I am about to change jobs and sadly will lose my company mobile phone (from which I have sent 896 text messages, and dialed 27hrs, 35mins and 35secs of calls in the past year most of them are to other mobiles).

    It's a Nokia 6230, and comes with the memory card. I really like the fact it's pretty indestructable, has a good battery life and decent camera (though a better zoom would be great).

    Does anyone have any tips on what type of phone I could get to replace it, and if (given my calling patterns) I should get a contract or a pay-as-you-go phone and if there is any especially good provider (like o2, virgin mobile etc).

    Sorry this question is a bit vague but I don't know the first thing about mobiles and dont know what ones are good and which contracts are good etc

    Many thanks,


    What time do you call at most?

    You dont use many texts, but you use a lot of minutes.
    So i would advise a Vodafone and the the "Stop the clock".
    Pay for 3 minutes and talk for 60. Evening and Weekends. Any network.

    You get this on top of the usual amount of minutes that all the providers give.

    Its a life saver if you use a lot of talk time.
    Ive got a couple thousand texts and 127+ hours call time in abour 14 months.
    Never went over my contract minutes of 350mins.
    Not went over it by far, got a huge amount of rolling minutes every month.

    Original Poster

    Many thanks for the reply! Sounds good, most of my calls will be outside of working hours (so weekday nights and weekends). One thing is with that plan does it matter if i call non-Vodafone mobiles in terms of free minutes...? Also in terms of sending texts from abroad, have u had any problems in terms of fees from that ?


    Hi chrisfdh,

    If you are a Virgin customer(phone,bb or tv) you can get a sim card and 300 mins and 300 texts for £10 per month.Unused mins and texts rollover for 1 month.All you would need to do then is buy a phone that you like.

    The minutes are x network.
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