Mobile phone advice needed (contract renewal)

    Hi all thanks for any advice given

    my contract with orange is due up on 01-02-2011 i am currently in the position of trying to cut my finances drastically

    using oranges online service they are offering me a 10% line rental discount if i renew my current contract for 18 months.

    i am currently paying £22 per month for 200 anytime minutes (thats enough i dont call to often) unlimited texts (i text a lot!) and 500mb internet browsing (i normally use about 300mb a month) free orange broadband is also included but as i cant get there servive were i live so thats a bit irelevant.

    so am i better of waiting until my contract is up with orange and looking elsewere? or ringing them now to see if i can get the price down, online now they are offering me certain handsets free

    i have been with orange for about ten years!



    Wait, i would. I know it seems a while away but i did and i got a great deal. I got the Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 for free on a £25 contract for two year. It gives me everything you have but 300 mins not 200. Plus if you were to upgrade now you would have to wait 21 months before you could get out of this contrat. Plus if you have been with Orange for a while they gave you star rating the more stars the better deals. My phone should of cost me £400 if i wanted it as a new custom.

    If your happy with your current phone you can get a giffgaff sim. Their £10 goody bag gives you 250 min, unlimited texts and data.

    You could try hanging around for the T-mobile £7.50 per month Sim Only deal They'll probably release it again soon.

    Original Poster

    thanks for all advice given guys

    will probably wait till mid jan for contract renewal i think

    Not sure if this would work with Orange but has for me today on Vodafone, I rang them for the sole purpose of finding out how cheap i could go a month regardless of free mins etc as my contract is due up in Feb and to be honest i have seen a new phone I like but it doesn't look like vodafone direct are going to do it, Its the Motorola Milestone 2 in case your interested. Anyways.. the lady told me I could get it down from £30 a month inc vat to £10. in her second breath she turned around and said she could do for £15 inc VAT the same as my £30 deal 600 mins 200txt and 5mb of internet . Not quiet the same I said as I get unlimited txt. She went away came back and offered me a sim only tariff said she shouldn't but I had been nice and patient as her system had crashed.

    so I now pay £15inc VAT and get 900mins unlimited txt and a load of internet (sorry can't remember how much).

    All I am tryin to say is I am still 3 months off end of contract and they were still up for giving me a deal... might be worth a call...


    My current contract is with T-mobile. I get unlimited texts, 100 minutes and unlimited internet (3GB) + a free Samsung Galaxy Portal for £10 a month for 24 months. It was £15 a month or pay £75 for the phone but the kind customer services spoke kindly to the manager for me

    Plus, I complained about 2 things so far. I got a free headset and £15 off my bill

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    just an update on this if its ok

    rang orange last night and on hold for 2 hours so gave up! rang again this morning and was offered the following

    12.50 per month on same talk plan (300 mins unlimited text and unlimited web) for 24 months with a lg horizon handset (worth about 100 on ebay) i tried my very best to negoitate a better deal

    what do people think of this retention offer? considering i have been with them since 18 and probably spent close to 8k i am a little disappointed.

    to get a better handset like the htc7 the contract returns to 20 per month

    thanks for any further views, they are sending the 12.50 per month offer to me on tuesday and i am unsure whether to refuse delivery or not

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    thanks for any views

    Well if your happy with your current phone and sell on the LG it will bring you down to less than £9pm which is not bad as trying to get data tarrifs on low end contracts is not easy. If your wanting a smart phone you could always sell the LG (not that I'm familiar with that model) and buy a San Francisco.

    My suggestion push push push orange, Ask for your PUK code., that shows them your serious in moving even if the deal they then offer is no good you don't have to use the PUK code, Just puts the wind up them. When I was with Orange I asked and they called me back with in the Hour,

    I've been out of contract with O2 since April (now on a iphone 30day simplicity). For the past 4 months I've been getting them to e-mail me my Porting Authorisation Code in hope that there are some good deals elsewhere.
    First thing to do though OP is call up Orange and get through to their retentions department via Upgrades and then see what the best deal they can offer but the short hand way is to get a sim only 30 contract.

    Personally now I'm going to wait until the new year as the VAT is rising up to 20%. I'd like to get a sony erricsion x10 rather then another iphone just need to sort a good deal out.

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    i did speak to retentions

    spoken to a few other people who think the 12.50 a month deal is pretty good

    and i did push them!

    and i did push them!

    Good work!

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