Mobile phone advice needed please !

    Hi everyone - I'd be grateful for your collective advice on this one please.

    Last November I signed a two year contract with Orange for their iPhone and until March had no issues. On April 1st I lost total network coverage at my home address and for around a 500 metres of my house. I logged the issue with Orange and since then and numerous phone calls to Orange I still have no signal. They've given me three dates the work should have been completed by and they have all lapsed, with no joy. Orange are now telling me the new date is 31st May. They have credited me with the full cost of my contract since the beginning of April which is all fine and dandy but useless if the phone doesn't work.

    I've told Orange I want the contract terminated and they said they'll consider this if the service isn't restored by May 31st - but they said the same when they gave me a repair date of May 12th, so I'm starting to get a tad weary.

    Am I now within my rights to demand release from my contract or is it totally at the discretion of Orange when and if they'll concede to letting me go ?

    Any advice gratefully appreciated - thanks.


    according to watchdog(and I am no legal expert),you are perfectly entitled to cancel the contract-you pay them for a service,they dont provide it-end of story.

    Inform them in writing that 31st may is YOUR deadline and you consider the contract null and void after this date if they havent fixed the issue.

    i'm pretty certain it's in the t&c that coverage may vary, you're probably best off checking your contract

    if not you can always get a pay monthly sim from o2 or such and get your iphone unlocked, then just swap back when it's fixed =]

    Orange's T&C's (and all other networks) state they they don't guarantee 100% service 100% of the time and your phone will work in other area's.

    While that sounds like a get out for them, they do have to maintain their masts and infrastructure. I'm not sure what time limit they're entitled to but I'd suggest the you contact either OFCOM or consumer direct (or both) they'll be able to tell you how long they can reasonably take and what to do if they still haven't a fix in place.
    Good luck...
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