Mobile phone as VoIP phone for Skype (via Bluetooth)??

    I was wondering if I could use my mobile phone to talk over Skype on my computer?

    Can you connect a mobile to a computer using bluetooth and then talk into your phone and have it transmit over Skype?

    Mobile phone (SE K750i) --> Bluetooth enabled PC --> Skype --> Other person


    huh? why? Skype can be downloaded onto the computer, They just released Skype 4.0 for Windows recently, just enter your account and sign off the mobile version and weehey!

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    Ah, think my description was a bit confusing..

    I want to talk to people over Skype on my PC but rather than use a mic or headset, I want to use my phone. Not in the sense that my phone has Skype installed, rather that my phone is acting as a wireless handset.

    Just though maybe I could use my phone rather than buying something like this:

    Oh i understand now sorry didnt see the VoIP thingy, I'd like to know this aswell sorry cant answer this one for you lol

    Do you mean use your mobile phone as a skype headset?

    If your phone has wi-fi there is only ONE program to use (well actually there are a few ... I think there is skype for mobile too) and that program my truphone....that allows you to make VOIP calls from your mobile phone as does fring and some other apps...

    EDIT and yes they are free if you connect via wi-fi or have an unlimited data plan and the other person is connected to whatever the VOIP service your using is...

    TBH if you use it a lot it might be worth investing in a compatible wi-fi mobile phone rather than spending it on a belkin skype phone, that way you can make calls for free wherever there are wi-fi spots etc.

    I don't think you will be able to do this as the K750i won't support the BT headset profile for its own mic/speaker, only BT headsets connected to it.

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