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Found 17th Dec 2007
Right a very annoying situation....

I looked at my online phone bill (i regstered to view it onine after my last months bill was high). And with VAT and everything I normally pay around £45-£50, I look at the current bill and it said £49, I thought fine.

Today I look at it and its £134 = total for the month, I was

I did go over a lot by text messages, I get 500 included in my price plan (which is crap considering how much I pay). So I phond them up to see what was going on.

The bloke on the phone said that it was the text messages that were causing me the damage, eg paying 12p for everyone I went over on.

He then goes 'ah we can up it to 1,000 free of charge if you like?'

I was furious but I didnt argue (will call back another day) I mean if he can just up it as he pleases why couldnt they of done that way before eg give me 1,000 messages a month instead of the measley 500. Therefore is it worth arguing with them to say my bill wouldnt be so high if they had up my texts a while back which they could of easily of done as I was going over them.

I dont think its very fair that without any care he just upped it for me, yet for the past 7 months been paying the £45-£50 a month for only 500 texts per month, i'd of saved so much money the past couple of months if this had happened earlier.
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Hi generally mobile companies are pretty good at discounting bits like this for you, as they want to retian you after your contract, i found this was the case with t-mobile when i got a stupendous bill from them, they reimbursed me straight away. Best thing is to keep your cool and explain you were not aware of this, play onto their christmas spirit a little and see what you can get from them, explain you would have hoped someone was monitoring your account to advise of the best plan for your usage. Im now with vodafone just because of the deal, so hope they look after all us customers. Let us know how you get on.
Without you making a complaint about it how are they supposed to know you are unhappy?

they don't have anyone to sit and look at individual accounts to see if they are sticking within there call bundle.

IMO its up to you the consumer to know if you are staying within your limit - as soon as I have gone over my set limit for more than 2 consecutive months I have always called the mobile company and asked them to see if I had the right call package that suited me. Often my line rental got bumped up but i didn't get billed any more for going out of my bundle.
So you want more text messages for free and you expect them to do it for you without you even asking??? You agreed to have 500 text messages for a certain price, if you weren't happy with that then you shouldn't have agreed to the contract!
So, are you maoning because they doubled your text message allowance for free?
Lifes hard sometimes.
ITs more the fact that they misguided me when selecting the price plan in the first place.

Yes, now they have upped it with no effort what so ever, its just why couldnt they of done that in the first place, thats my argument.

i get 500free sms i barely send 5!

doesnt your fingers hurt?
Also the fact they said they'll match any deal on the high street annoyed me also. Which in terms of there argument 'we could only offer you what we could at that time' is complete rubbish.

ITs more the fact that they misguided me when selecting the price plan in … ITs more the fact that they misguided me when selecting the price plan in the first place.Yes, now they have upped it with no effort what so ever, its just why couldnt they of done that in the first place, thats my argument.

Because that's their choice! I could sell you something for 50 quid, you might phone and haggle and I'll give it to you for 25 quid, why the hell would you be annoyed at me???

Fact is they've made some money out of you so are more likely to give you something to keep you as you're a profitable customer.
I just had a call from 'Vodafone....'

Guy offered me 750mins and unlimited text messages, i was this is much better!

However then said they'd send me a new phone but I could still use my old simcard in my old phone if I wished to, then he started asked me for basic stuff such as which bank I use. I was thinking to myself he should already have this information. So when he went away I hung up and rang vodafone myself.

Seemingly vodafone had nothing to do with this. So I asked them its a bit funny me complaining about them earlier and then someone rings me up to offer me a better deal? They said it was just a co-incidence, yet when I argued that I'm a university student and this is my first day back home and since i've been at uni my parents have not taken 1 call from a mobile phone compny, she just fobbed me off.

My patience is running a bit thin.
I have just had a huge bill from Vodafone, so I rang and asked them to stop all calls and texting when I had reached my monthly limit. They said they could not do this, they had a system, but it was too problematic so stopped using it.

I wrote to complain, but only got a standard letter from them. I shall be writing again and asking for a human to read my letter and reply next time. I don't hold out too much hope though!
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