Mobile phone calls from 001064

    Ive been getting alot of phone calls from 001064 or +1064.
    Same time every evening 20:30 ish. Its some sort of telemarketer i think but they are foreign and i cant understand a word they say.
    Anyone know who they are or how to stop the calls?




    I just had one, about the same time. Guy said he was doing some 'market research'. I said I was a sleep in bed. He said he was doing 'market research'. I replied I was still in bed, asleep. He said he was doing 'market research'. I said again that I was in bed, asleep. He said he was doing 'market research'.....

    This went on for a few minutes until he hung up.

    I don't think you can ever stop these calls, so my view is to have a bit of fun and cost them as much as you can in international calls.
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    I tend to say 'can I put you on hold for 2 minutes, just doing something' and then leave them hanging.

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    Thanks peeps. I'll put up with it for a while. Do you reckon my service provider (orange) can do anything about it?
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