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    Hey guys i have been looking around the forums and have read the 2 thread -

    FEEDBACK: E2save
    FEEDBACK: Newcoolmobile

    im in a bit of a dilemma i have read how bad these sort of companys are for sending out the cheques, i want your advice on the best company in your personal experience or should i just bite the bullet and go straight to the network provider and get a small amount of cash back with quidco.



    Welcome to HUKD Dhaos

    Tell us what you are after.. any specific mobile, contract duration etc . ?

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    hey edi thanks for the reply and the welcome.

    Im after either the LG prada or Samsung U600 (Leaning more towards the prada)

    would prefer round about 400 mins and about 50 texts should do, either 35 or 40 a month

    12 months contract id prefer i got a k750i on 18 month contract and the joystick broke after 3 months so i had to put up with it not navigating proper for the last 15 months.

    moving this to Deal requests forum and will answer your query there

    Cheapest Prada deal I could find is from Phoneboxdirect

    12 months contract & FREE Prada handset with 500 x-net antime minutes & 250 texts every month.

    Where: Phoneboxdirect

    Cashback from Phoneboxdirect = £122.50
    Cashback via Quidco = £30
    Effective term cost (after all cashback) = £268 for 12 months or ~ £22.30 / month

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    cheers, you had any dealing with phoneboxdirect? how are they with paying by the claims?

    hi ive been dealing with e2save for 2 yrs and had no problems with cash back they cash backs are staraight forward
    hope this helps

    If phone box direct is part of Mobile Affiliates I'd stay clear for now, They seem to be having a cash flow problem and have been phoning people up asking if they'd like a phone instead of their cashback and the phones are worth far less than the cashback they should get. If they phone me I'm going to ask if I don't get the phone will I get anything at all

    You might want to go for this deal on the LG Prada... the site is owned by Phones4U who have a good reputation in the high street:…428
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