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    I've currently been looking around at a cashback mobile phone deals. Ideally, I am after a Nokia phone similar to the 6230i on 12 month contract after my current PAYG phone (6230) is close to giving up the ghost. However, I am based in Stafford and Vodaphone is known not to be strong in the area, so would prefer a different network.

    Can anyone give me any advice, or point me in the direction of a good deal?


    You should be able to get an amazing deal if that is the phone you want as is old phone now.

    Try [url][/url] that is who my gf is with at moment, great cashback deals (does take a while to come tho) but some great discounts to be had.

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    Trying with e2save, but won't let me convert from o2 PAYG to o2 monthly unless I ring up - losing my cashback I presume?

    Rep added for the 2 posts, thanks for helping.

    The following has a list of various deals with the 6230i phone. I'm not sure how reputable some of these companies are or whether there is a high chance of getting cashback with them all. I think the carphone warehouse ones are a bit more secure (e2save, osps, cpw, thephonespot).…30i

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    It doesn't completely need to be 6230i, I have actually taken a liking to the D900. lol.

    Just rang o2 for my PAC code, and been told my average text is 350 ... something I didn't realise! Vodaphone are no go, and I'm now not sure o2 is the best bet for me.

    Thought I had it sussed with e2save, 6230i and o2 but now I'm not so sure.

    Don't forget to purchase via for around £30 in extra cashback.
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