Mobile Phone Cashback Schemes

    I've just come to the end of a 12 month contract with 11 months free by cashback and am looking for another similar deal.
    I'd love a 12 month free offer, but not at the expense of a poor tarrif or old phone.

    I'd prefer to be on Orange, purely because of their magic number scheme, but if anyone can recommend anyone else I'll be happy.
    Also preferabbly a Nokia or Sony Ericsson, but again if it comes recommended I'm not too fussed.
    Would definately need a camera, but apart from that I'm not too fussy.

    Also, as a side note, I'm looking to get one for me, my Wife and my 2 brothers, so 4 in all. If I try to buy these through quidco, will they just tell me to get stuffed, I seemt to remember they have a rule about only 1 account per household or something.

    Thanks in advance, and the quicker the reply the better.

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    Check ]here every day or so, every week they seem to have good deals,
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