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    well contract is due to end on 16/03/09 and looking for a new contract with a free ps3 on o2. for 35 a month or less not so much caring about the phone, what is the best companies to use as i have no begging to start to see some bad feedback coming threw the woodwork - like people not getting the gifts of having to pay 15 quid delivery it

    Car phone warehouse
    Mobiles2yourdoor (m2d)
    Dial A Phone
    Phones 4 U

    can you please post your expriences please with customer service ect


    woooo! 16/3 my birthday woooo!

    i got a mobile contract in november 07 with e2save and got my 60gb ps3 in december 07 28 dayafter activition of my sim card as promised.
    but what my concern at the time was everywhere was out of 60gb an they brought out the 40gb with no ps2 support but i got the 60gb as promised

    EDIT my contract was dolphin 35 on orange

    I got a free PS3 with CPW about 18-20 months ago, came pretty stat tariff was £35

    i got a free xbox 360 from in feb 2007 after taking contract out a month earlier
    i got another xbox360 from dialaphone in Jan 2008 (+£60 quidco cashback) about three days after the phone arrived
    i believe now actually send the free gift out with the phone via RMSD :thumbsup:

    I will prolly get another freebie this year but tbh i dont use my phone as much as i used too so am looking to pay a bit less on a 12 month contract
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