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    Anyone got any they'd recommend? Mobile splat comes to mind but googles having none of it...

    6 Comments ? I can't remember how long ago it was that I last used them but I recall they were OK.

    Check this one ]http//ww…als Very good site for me.


    Check this one ] Very good site for me.


    You can add] this site and ]this site to the list, play about with the search criteria to list different deals.


    Check this one ] Very good site for me.

    Definately this is a good one, but what I would advise is using Live Chat or phoning the companies and seeing what they can do for you.

    At present I pay;
    £35 a month on o2
    Got a free C902, but was given a C905 when I had continuous problems with the 902.
    Unlimited texts and 600 minutes x-network anytime.
    18 months ago this was a good deal for me. However I'm a lot more deal savvy recently.
    My contract is due to expire on the 12th of Jan.

    I spoke to Vodafone and got this deal;
    £35, 18 months.
    900 x-net anytime mins.
    unlimited texts
    unlimited internet
    3000 landline calls also.
    +12 free cinema tickets too.
    I saved this chat log and called o2.

    o2 said to call on the 12th December and they'd bring forward my upgrade by 1 month, so I was only on a 17 month contract, they would also make a special plan for me on this day.

    T-Mobile were close to the Vodafone deal but lacked the 3000 landline minutes, no cinema tickets and was £1 more expensive.

    Orange gave me the following;
    £29 a month
    900 mins x-net anytime
    unlimited texts
    unlimited net
    It did have the 3000 landline calls, but I've never gone over my 600 mins with o2, as I'm more of a texter than a talker. So this for me, is the best deal so far.

    o2 need to match or beat the deal for me to stay with them! =)

    Also, all the above deals included a free SATIO and were all 18 months.

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    Cheers folks - will rep you all when I have 5 minutes..
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