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    Okay, basically I've been an Orange customer for years, I've been happy with the service (I can't get reception on anything else in my house, so it has to be Orange) and I've had 5 free texts a day since the start. Now though they've cancelled this offer so I'm left with pretty much nothing apart from a few shoddy deals such as 50 text messages for £4.

    I've only recently bought a K700i and I'm very happy with it, I had a brief stint (well, a year) on a contract with a rather 'swish' phone which I eventually hated, so I stick to more basic ones now, I'm not after a new phone at all but I am after maybe a contact offering a lot of free text messages (around 300 would be nice) and just a few cross network minutes. I can't actually make calls or send texts from home (only recieve them) so my phone really does get rather minimum usage.

    Like I said, I'm not after a new fnacy phone, just the cheapest contract possible whereby I can keep my phone, keep my phone number and keep my provider!

    Any recommendations please because I'm dead confused right now.



    Most companies are now giving away free sim cards (mainly O2 & Virgin) where you pay £10 p/m for 400 free texts (plus you have the £10 to spend on calls). All you need to do is top up £10 a month to keep it active !!

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    That's a good deal, cheers Chris, unfortunately though it has to be Orange since I can't get reception on anything else, plus I'm not sure if I'd spend £10 a month on calls!

    Could always try ringing up, say you've used them for years and as a result of cancelling 5 messages a day will be moving to O2 if they cant offer a similar contract/deal.

    Is more difficult, as not currently in a contract, but may get somewhere

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    Very good advice, tried it and didn't get very far. D'oh!

    You're after a cheap orange CONTRACT? Check out my free contracts thread. I'm not sure of the link, search "duckmagicuk2" in the search box and it'll come up with it, my username is in the title. There's some free orange offers on there.

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    Yeah, I checked those, they're all good offers thanks, but after the initial 3 months the text bundles are even more expensive than PAYG!

    Oh, okay. I should read the threads better.

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    No probs!

    I have a dilema now though, no other network's any good reception wise but Orange are bloody useless and I've got no chance of getting another good deal!

    you can get 3000 free evening and weekend texts from orange, if you top up £15 or more in a month. you can sign up as an existing customer, or buy a new sim or phone.

    Im not familiar with this offer as im not an orange customer, just found it hangin around.
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