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Found 12th Dec 2007
hey guys. Was wondering if you could offer me some help on what I can do regarding the below problem.

Heres a letter Ive just wrote to watchdog regarding my problem! If you could read and offer some help that would be great.


I am a customer with three mobile services. I am currently 8 months into my contract with a Sony Errikson k800i. On the 27th Of November 2007 the network coverage in my area became none existent. I cannot make/recieve phonecalls or send/recieve messages.

The phone and handset works fine in other postcodes and areas and has been passed as working by a three store in Bradford. Therefore the lack of service must be an error with the network coverage.

I have contacted Three regarding this problem and after 2 weeks of unsatisfactory customer service they have told me that they cannot do anything for me because they have checked the coverage in my area and although limited it is still deemed as fine. I have basically been told to deal with the problem until a mass is installed which could take several months. What I cant understand is that the network had been working fine in the previous 7 months and that they cant offer me an explanation as to why the service has dropped out.

Firstly: I am extremely upset they have sold me the phone contract if they knew I was in a fragile/limited area;

Secondly: I have not been offered any reasonable or satisfactory solutions to my problem.

Thirdly: My poor service is not through any fault of my own, Yet I am expected to honour my contract when they are not providing the correct service.

I am in an extremely well populated area. I am located in the middle of Halifax/Bradford/Huddersfield and Leeds. There is no excuse for their network coverage not to be sufficient.

They have told me that they cannot be held responsible for fluctuations in the coverage and that 100% service cannot be guaranteed. But I am not even receiving 10% at the moment.

I really hope you can take my problem on board and help. I feel mortified at paying £35 a month to a company who is unwilling to help me and cannot provide the service for which my contract was purchased for.

Kind Regards



You should've got 3 on PAYG before committing to a contract.

Good luck with the letter to Watchdog.

You are paying for a service so you should be getting that service.If your not then they should refund you for the time it takes for them to rectify the problem.A Friend had the same problem but with his internet connection & he was refunded for the months he had little to no connection.Best of luck
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