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    Hi all,

    After some advice if i may. I phoned up my mobiule phone provider today to cancel my phone contract as it had run its 12 month course. After turning down a few deals they offered me they then said i could have a 10 month free line rental deal and only have to pay for 2 months which i thought was ok and said yes i would go for it.
    Having thought about it a bit more i am of the impression that i don't need this deal and would still like to go ahead and cancel my contract with them.

    Can i just phone them up and say having thought about it i would just like to cancel instead of taking out this new contract or am i now bound to this new contract.

    Any help is much appreciated.



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    I'm pretty sure you get 14 days grace to change your mind. At least I did with O2. Just call them up and say!
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