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    I am coming to the end of my 2 year contract and looking to get my phone unlocked via network. I can not remember who I took the contract with, thought it was direct from o2 but it was not, with some one else. is there a way to find out


    O2 used to have a form on their website which I believe anyone could use

    why do you want to do it via the network? its not the cheapest option.

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    It should be free. Just found out from o2 it was with phone4u I contacted them with the original number (I transferred my other one) they said they can not unlock it and have nothing to do with it as they do not deal with o2. This is a joke one company says it the other

    what phone are you trying to unlock?

    is your current contract with O2? who provides the billing O2 or P4U ?


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    no paper work or bill through the door, it come to my o2 account.. It is the Galaxy s3 O2 said it was through phones4u

    It doesn't matter who you bought it from, you have to unlock it from the network provider, O2 will do it for free, fill in the form on their website as mentioned above, or failing that ring them as regardless of who supplied the phone, your network contract is with O2
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