Mobile phone contract?

Posted 2nd May
Just wondering what happens and what options are with mobile phone contracts if ongoing situation means you need to stay in for three months or so, so there is no need to use the phone at all as you have home phone and home internet?
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Wot, u send no txts & hav sum wired tel hangin outta skt on the wall?
You have got to still pay it.
For text there’s email or what’s app on home internet.
Ask company for forbearance. There is a lot out there for credit and consumer agreements, not seen any for mobiles though. (freezes etc.)
Most people using theirs more than ever. Some networks offering free extra data to customers.

No way will they entertain any refunds or credit
People are even more glued to their phones. Hard to believe your use has gone down. My extended family around the world seems to be married to WhatsApp right now.
you not using the phone is unique as people actually use their phones more now that they are stuck at home. no change with regard to contract obligation.
Not using phones less, got unlimited call anytime on house phone and home internet what’s app .
a mobile phone is called mobile for reason , using when MOBILE
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