Mobile Phone - Contract Buy Out?

    are there any places that buy your contract off you but you can keep your same number and they take it off you. i know phones for you used to do something like that but not sure if they still do?

    just wondering where else that did it?

    Contract ends 16/03/2009


    phone 4u still do i think
    but u will probably have to sign up to another one

    Original Poster Banned

    original contract 18 months flext 35 - n95 silver not 8gb.
    was taken out october 16th 2007 or there abouts

    i phoned up when due for an upgrade and got told yes i could have my n95 with free weekend calls on the flext 35 tarrif and i would have to reduce my esisting contract for the last month which was flext35 to the lowest tariff for the remaning month and at the time i got 25% off the line rental so was paying like £7 for my old contract and the £35 for my current contract. so anyways was happy with my new one then i stil started to reicve bills for my old contract on the month that was the final one and then for another two months and yet the customer sevice still reassured me that it would be cancelled and i would not get a bill next month but i still did 3 months after the final month that was due to end i got it cancelled, They would not refund me the 3 months for this contract that they stupidly didnt put threw the cancellation properly or not at all so i was paying extra for a phone that i did not use any more. So was not impressed
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